Fear.  Oh wow.  It turns out that our discussion of fear couldn't have been more timely. This pandemic has people going crazy with fear.  There is nothing wrong with encouraging responsible behavior, but we haven't heard any media outlet saying "you should stay calm, take care of your own personal health, and that this too shall pass."  Instead we get constantly bombarded with how many things are closing, how many people are dying, how many people have lost their jobs.

If you've lost a loved one, our hearts hearts go out to you.  If you've lost your job, maybe this is an opportunity to change the direction of your life for the better.

Review our discussion in the book about how fear weakens us--it literally puts the body in a position where it is less able to fight disease.  Letting yourself spiral into fear scenarios is a dangerous.

Remember to keep on your path to improving your life!  If you let outside circumstance deter you, they always will; you'll continue to find more of them in your path.  Stay focused on creating a better you.  And remember to laugh . . . a lot!

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