What do you live for?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Molly M.

Dear Molly,


What a great question! There’s chocolate, and pudding (and chocolate pudding, obviously) -- but those are practically givens. 


We would have to say that the answer is that we live for making life a little better for anyone we can whenever possible.

In the big picture sense, we have found that living with a purpose, teaching, and sharing knowledge is the most rewarding

thing in life.  That is the main reason we wrote our book.  Our goal from the start was to help just one person find the answers they were seeking for a better life—to inspire in the most entertaining way possible. We knew from experience that how we think definitely affects our lives, so we set out to show that there was scientific evidence to support that anecdotal experience.  It is funny how when you set out to help others how much you end up helping yourself (but hey, the science tells us that!).  Everything we researched put each of us on the path to answers that surpassed our wildest expectations and renewed our determination to be of service. Collaborating on this book was an incredibly rewarding experience for all of us.


At the heart of service is finding out what your unique gifts are and then sharing those with the world.  Those gifts could be anything. Perhaps you are the best Uber driver anyone can possibly have because you are personable, fun, have crazy GPS skills in your brain, and don’t smell weird. Great!  The impact you have on the people you serve can reach beyond your wildest imagination.


On a smaller scale, you never know how much you can help someone with just a smile, offering them your place in line, or letting them into traffic.  Make someone smile or better yet laugh! Giving doesn’t have to cost you a thing.


Wishing you much chocolate and pudding!


The Authors


Dear Authors,

Why don't you want to take credit for your work and put your name on it? Just curious.

Regina C.

Dear Regina,

Thanks for the question. I guess we'd start by asking, have you seen the drawings? We've seen two-year-olds with more artistic prowess! Lol! Who'd want to take credit for that?


But seriously, we had a top-secret, cone-of-silence, author meeting and decided that putting our names on this work engaged our egos.  We aren't trying to promote ourselves with this work.  In our experience in publishing, people's names and images often become more important than their words.  This was just a labor of love for us.  Our little contribution to the conversation.

We've doubted ourselves many times along the path, so we wanted to provide some clarity for people who find themself in the same boat.

We hope you enjoyed the book!

The Authors

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