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Being Tested

Just because you continue to move toward a more spiritually enlightened existence does not mean that you will always be perfect, and just to be perfectly clear, YOU WILL BE TESTED (which is why we gave you the Answer Key)!

One of us has had a challenging couple of days, to put it mildly. In addition to personal stuff, we are all still trying to exist day-to-day in the environment of fear that the pandemic has created. Not to mention, it can be a serious inconvenience. It is getting increasingly difficult to get an actual human being on the phone these days. We just spent an hour and a half in phone menu hell, patiently entering information until we were asked if we would like an actual person to call us back (Yes, please) only to be informed that there were no available call back slots at this time. ARRRGGGHHH! In such times, it is important to try to regain perspective.

There was a great line in the movie, Apollo 13 where, in the midst of finding out that seemingly everything was going wrong, Gene Kranz asks, "What do we have on the spaceship that's good?"

This is a powerful reminder that shifting gears and focusing on what is going well is an incredibly powerful way to maintain your forward momentum. It is easy to let ourselves get dragged into the 'bad to worse' vortex when we hit a stretch of difficult road. You aren't been victimized or punished just because you find some obstacles on your path. Remember, it is your reaction to these events, not the events themselves, that define you. Life just might be nudging you in a different direction.

Keep the faith readers! Remember to love and laugh. Ask yourself, "What do we have on the spaceship that is good?"

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