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Someone recently confided in us that he was afraid that he’d never have enough time to experience all the things that he wanted to experience in life.

This is one of the sneaky ways in which the ego hijacks our thoughts. This thought pattern reinforces a sense of fear by establishing the false belief that, “I will never have enough, be enough, accomplish enough, etc.” It creates a false sense of lack (after all, how do we ever know exactly what the future holds?) that takes away from our ability to live the life that we truly want and deserve.

Remember, there is only one moment in which we can live and in which we can experience anything. That moment is NOW. If we focus on what might not be, we are not living in the Now.

When we focus on the future, or even worse, ‘what won’t be,’ it generates fear, anxiety and despair—the separation from our higher self. If we remain mindful, and live in the Now, there can’t ever be a sense of regret because we make the most of every moment we have. None of us knows when we will finally leave the mortal realm. That’s all the more reason to live NOW!

Stay strong!

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